founded in 1994, koelsch gallery focuses on education, crossing boundaries, presenting quality work and encouraging the viewer to experience and live with art. koelsch represents over 20 artists: trained and untrained, emerging and established, all of whom consistently challenge borders with innovative techniques and materials.
the art is presented in an environment which is conducive to helping the viewer get to know the artist, their inspirations and their voice.

in 2014, koelsch haus was conceived as the new home for koelsch gallery with numerous exhibition rooms. at koelsch haus, the gallery presents solo shows as well as art from other gallery artists. visitors have the opportunity to wander through a 1920’s bungalow where different art is presented in each room, a maze of paintings, sculptures, and artisan pieces.

koelsch gallery offers one to one collaboration, including home or office consultation. we offer assistance in finding artwork that complements the lifestyle, personality and décor that you envision.