Alexa Kleinbard
october 25 - november 22, 2014


reception: saturday, october 25th 6-9pm
with music by Sonny Boy Terry band

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bloodroot oil on birch wood

Remedies is a series of paintings representing my continuing exploration of the wetland areas still left, those folk medicines that have come forth from these lands, and the passed down stories about the healing power of plants. The first medicines of early humans were made by healers working with plants, not by chemists in darkened labs. Nearly half of our medicines today are still made from plants, many of which are disappearing faster then they can be found.
I want my paintings to serve as psychological reminders of the delicate balance between water, land, animals, and all living beings. These fragile relations are dangerously on the edge of being destroyed at ever increasing rates because of human greed for wetland areas and old growth forests. The healing entities that serve as subjects for the works have been utilized for millennia as both powers of physical and spiritual reparation. Though our relation with them has changed with the synthesis and capsulation of Western prescription medicine that so distances us from the indigenous life-ways of our ancestors, their power still infuses our everyday world. As we are now fraught with ever increasing turmoil of economic and environmental crises that define the 21st century, the urge to reconnect with the earth's anatomy, to rediscover the raw energy of her systems and rejuvenate them in whatever means available to us as artists and activists, continues to propel my work and inform my life.

Alexa Kleinbard grew up exploring forest trails and following her gentle father as he tended to self designed and beautifully colored native gardens in Pennsylvania. This early imprinting of intense ecological observation led her to develop a deep curiosity about the natural world. In 1978, Alexa participated in her first group museum show at the New Museum in New York City.
She continued to exhibit nationally and internationally receiving two NEA grants and many awards. Alexa's 2012 solo exhibit at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in NOLA received strong reviews. She continues to make art inspired by nature and the part mankind has played in its current condition.


John Geldersma
october 25 - november 22, 2014

reception: saturday, october 25th 6-9pm
with music by Sonny Boy Terry band

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