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Koelsch Gallery

june 13th, 2024- july 13th, 2024

koelsch gallery is pleased to announce our latest exhibition “forever, and no time at all”, debuting Thursday, June 13th, 2024. In his ninth solo exhibition with koelsch gallery, self-taught artist W. Tucker creates an immersive installation through found and discarded materials. With some aspects emphasized and others hidden, his work continues to possess a profound sense of duality –– that of the inner child and present self; and the synergy between. By exclusively using his non-dominant hand, he taps into a spectrum of creativity with less deliberacy, structure, and intention. In turn, Tucker is viscerally connected to the honest and intuitive artist that once existed in childhood. His production of childlike imagery and humorous illustrations touch on glimpses of the human condition, and the everyday epic of life.

may 2nd - june 1st, 2024

Join koelsch gallery for the opening reception of our latest exhibition Amy C. Evans: Meals I’ve Loved, debuting Thursday, May 2nd, 2024. “Having spent more than a decade traveling the South, documenting the region’s food culture, many people I first interacted with as strangers eventually became good friends. They were always eager to share their stories and generous in sharing their food, whether a full meal or an impromptu snack, as soon as the business of my visit was over. From Delta hot tamales eaten hot from the pot with Barbara Pope in the Mississippi Delta, milkshakes at the Apalachicola Burger King with Unk and Gloria Quick, or soup beans and cornbread shared as sustenance before clogging with locals at the Carter Family Fold, each shared moment, each bite of food, each generous and kind soul, has made a lasting impression on me and, collectively, they’ve inspired many of these paintings. So, to honor all of my friends with whom I’ve shared moments, and stories, and meals—meals I’ve loved—I share this body of work.”

may 2nd - june 1st 2024

Melinda Buie returns to Houston for her seventh solo exhibition with koelsch gallery. Through vibrant compositions and artful depictions of childhood memories, Buie continues to pay homage to the often-overlooked life along the East Texas landscape. From intimate cattle portraits to the capture of vernacular architecture, her work possesses a meaningful juxtaposition between color and simplicity. Buie presents to us a work of no disguise.
“My mother always wore colorful dresses. I helped my Grandmother in the garden and took notice of my surroundings. I found pleasure in the simple task of plucking a tomato. The colors of the garden inspire me; growth and color everywhere… Color is one of the most important themes in my work. Without color, we have no emotion.”

march 23rd, 2024 - april 27th, 2024

koelsch gallery is pleased to present our latest exhibition Geoff Winningham: 101 Chiripadas, debuting Saturday, March 23rd, 2024. Winningham translates the real world and its insatiable desire for creation into what he presents as a collection of chiripadas, “unplanned but surprisingly successful collaborations”. In a series of photographs captured between 1998 and 2024, he collaborates with an unwitting string of both the animate and inanimate. Whispering scratches, shouts of sprayed paint, cast shadows, meandering figures, and civil structures unify in the capture of social rhythm and cultural constellation. In a showcase like never before, Winningham reveals that beauty is as present as ever, merely awaiting to be found.

february 22nd, 2024 - march 16th, 2024

koelsch gallery is honored to announce our latest exhibition The Taplet Twins, a showcase dedicated to the life and legacy of twin brothers Alfred “Big Al” and Alvin “Little Al” Taplet. Known for their infectious spirit and uncanny ability to find delight in the simple things, their journey tells a story of unconditional love throughout hardship, hurricanes, and even death. Join us for an evening of life and laughter as we celebrate two shoe-shiner turned folk artists. We will be recreating their folk art gallery & shoe shine business that was once located in New Orleans. Bring a pair of dirty shoes as our friend Brother C. will be shining!

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The Koelsch Haus

The Koelsch Gallery is a uniquely Houston art and fashion gallery. Frequently hosting artist gallery showings and events, the Koelsch Haus is a hub for artists both local and around the world.

Situated in the heart of Montrose in Houston, TX, The Koelsch Gallery is a bright and inviting space perfect for gallery showings, fashion events, and art collection displays. Recently moved to a new location, The Gallery has multiple rooms that can define distinct environments for any showing.

We work with local, national, and international artists focused on folk, outsider, and contemporary work. The Koelsch Gallery displays unique art pieces from up-and-coming as well as established artists. The gallery is a truly unique space that is inviting and comfortable. Art is all around us and our gallery brings the best from around the world into a relaxing environment that is uniquely Houston.

The Gallery frequently rotates the art on display to provide an ever-evolving experience. Whether it be a single artist displayed through the entirety of the gallery, multiple artists, or our in-house curated selection of work, The Koelsch Gallery provides a unique perspective on art and fashion. Our passion for art and fashion has manifested itself into The Koelsch Gallery where we put that love on display. Our unique taste and style has helped to curate a collection of work that pushes the boundaries of art and our perception of what it means to be a creator.

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We would love for you to visit our open, inviting gallery to view some of Houston’s most unique artwork in the heart of Montrose.