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Steve Sachs

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raw wood
59" x 17" 4 3/4"

$1800 sold


mixed media
42" x 15"


Daredevil Hall of Fame

mixed media, cans
95” x 5”

$4500 sold

barrel of good fortune

crushed barrel, coins, enamel paint
16" x 27" x 2" irregular shape



perforated metal, aluminum discs, assorted paints on wooden panel
19" x 19"


David and Mom

glass pc boards, lenticular images, paper and photograph
13" x 13"


lines of fate

crushed metal, wood, enamel paint
22" x 33" x 1" irregular shape



painted barcodes, crushed countertop, aluminum discs, lenticular images, enamel paint on wooden panel
43" x 30"


boy with magic kite

ink and lenticular images on paper
11" x 23"


planet earth

painted and stained wooden cross-sections, cement nails, lenticular images, enamel paint on wooden panels
32" x 32"



vintage photographs, book covers, maps and wood veneer collaged on panel
32" x 41"


man with funny hat carrying a heavy load

painted distressed wood, rock, clay, assorted objects / assemblage
8" x 11" x 24"



assorted wood, clay figure, rusted chain, 4-leaf clovers
5" x 8" x 21"


good neighbors

joined panels; enamel and ink on wooden panel
29" x 82"



crushed painted cans on wood
4" x 38"