w. tucker: forever, and no time at all

Artist Statement

“forever, and no time at all”


I see myself as a worker. I get up in the morning, I head to the studio and begin work. This for

me is a consistent means of self-exploration and an exploration of the world around me.  A meditation of sorts.


Each element in a piece has a reason and a personality. As they are placed, a story evolves. A

story that I usually see once the piece is complete. The elements that comprise the work often

seem simple and in a certain respect they are. Some characters reoccur simply because I enjoy

the process of drawing or painting them. Others reoccur because they bring a simple presence

to a more complicated situation or question.


The title for this show – “forever, and no time at all” is borrowed from a Nat Bartsch album. 

The title feels almost painfully simplistic – to me it references the time we have here.  Which at times feels infinite and at other times – especially as one ages – delicately finite.


Through the characters the pieces offer a picture of balance and imbalance, acceptance and struggle.  A fight of degrees where a character or characters – a person, an animal, a house, a scribble, a cup – attempts to find balance.  Most times this tends to reflect some aspect of my own life struggles or those that I observe in the world around me. 


This show decidedly revolves around mostly found and repurposed materials that I’ve worked on – some items quite old.  A connection to the past which gives the surfaces the gift of patina and character.

w. tucker