Tad Lauritzen Wright

Artist Statement

In my work I am interested in generating an impromptu reaction to an idea, thought, or experience. I have always been attracted to art work that comes from discounted sources. I take basic ideas, simple plans, and rigorous daydreaming to an extreme in the work, always attempting to elevate my ideas and observations. Experiments with materials and process is key to much of the work I make whether it be in the form of single line drawings, mixed media paintings, or simplistic sculpture. Non-traditional approaches to painting as well as traditional sit side-by-side, craft and hobby projects are elevated to art status, and icons of the past become poised for new interpretations in my work. I believe in allowing extended possibilities of landscape, dead images, jokes, plays on art history, pop culture, and personal history to shape how the pieces develop. I approach my work as an ongoing project where I constantly expand my own artistic vocabulary.