Steve Harris

Artist Statement

Steve Harris completed his schooling at Parsons School

of Design in Paris, France in 1988, and embarked on a

career that has taken him from the fashion industry on

the streets of Paris, to the advertising community in New

York City through the early 1990’s, beyond and back.

After relocating to his native terrain in 1992, Steve put his

efforts into Commercial and Fine Art photography with a

renewed passion for his craft. After paying dues, in all

ways with respect to photography, he slowly built a loyal

following of clients and individuals who helped pave the

way to a successful career.

During his tenure as House Photographer at the infamous

Rockefellers Nightclub in Houston, he was able to

tighten his grip into the rhythm of Texas music and create

an extensive body of work of all that played the stage

Rockefellers. From there, it was an easy transition into

photographing for the entertainment and music

industries. In the spring of 2007, Steve’s first book, “Texas

Troubadours” was published by the University of Texas

Press, and was received with great reviews.

In recent years, Steve has found himself at the forefront

of construction projects, near and far. Combining a

unique perspective of fine art imagery, then merging that

with raw construction sites. This has taken his beyond the

box thinking, and created a new way of envisioning

construction, both in the air, and terra firma.

Beyond, he is still hard at work with commercial

assignments, getting dirty on construction sites, flying

drones for both stills and motion projects, while

continuing to create beautiful imagery on the ground.

and, as always, expanding his personal projects, some

that will see him traveling, others right outside the back


he is also close to completion on his next book, “south”

for publication. This project is the culmination of a

lifetime of border crossings into Mexico and central

America, meeting likeminded travelers, surfers, ne’er do

wellers and new friends, all the while, chasing the ever

elusive perfect wave.

Steve lives in Houston, Texas with his 4 children, Sheriff,

Archer, Ransom and Holland.