sally s. bennett

So much is happening. It’s all there. The hidden stories behind the strips of  painted, collaged pattern that tell it all. A new way to create and reconstruct, upend and reconfigure for a new beginning with a new way of working. For me, a strong lesson in letting go. A way of tearing apart paintings and reassembling them. A way of freeing myself of self imposed systems and confining structures.

The reconstruction series started out as a new way to mix patterns, color, and creativity. Weaving became a welcome potential for concealment. A moment for privacy. A personal discovery to open up my imagination. A peaceful chance to organize the chaos around me. To me patterns are the mystery of art. The new works reveal secrets of a whole other painting that is the past and gone forever.  The cutting of the canvas is the final symbol of truth.  It is the letting go and trusting the paintings will start a new beginning woven together.


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