kelli scott kelley, 2016

through personal and universal icons my work explores multiple states of reality. figures, animals, and objects appear in metaphorical narratives, which explore humankind’s connections and disconnections to one another and the natural world.

since my career has been devoted to making narrative artworks, i became interested in starting with a story as a catalyst for a series of pieces. so, in 2008 i traveled to italy to study early renaissance image cycles. after a period of research and contemplation, i wrote accalia and the swamp monster, an adult fairy-tale, based on my autobiography and dreams. simultaneously, i began creating a series of metaphorical paintings inspired by the narrative. the images are painted on re-purposed antique linens, referencing traditional women’s handicrafts, and an ecologically conscious art making practice. the pretty domestic fabrics also juxtapose the often dark imagery.

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