beverly floyd

lake stories

for me each body of work is a new paragraph about my surroundings, current interests or current experience. abstraction and nature are used as means of expressing my subjects but the work is always about exploration and discovery.  when i became a master gardener for example, landscaping patterns and garden plots consumed the work. when i was learning to speak german, fictitious “duetsch birds” taught me the language on my canvas. my spiritual quest into the tao has yielded philosophical  thoughts about culture and nature.  the question “what is beauty” encompassed a body of  reptile and insect imagery intermingled with delicate fabrics and lace.

my new body of work which i call “lake stories” is about observations of what surrounds me at our lakefront home in the connecticut forest. some pieces involve stories. for example: the deer getting stuck on our frozen lake, having to skate her way out; my son skating his way through a dark period in his life; the lake weeds persevering throughout the winter while the birds sit patiently awaiting their arrival; the great blue heron reliably on display in the marsh each spring; the persistent acrobatic squirrels providing hours of entertainment in the fall.

i may have an idea about my subject matter  but i do not have preconceived ideas about what the work will look like. once i enter the studio the work becomes about process. i am a painter and printmaker but i use many materials, tools and techniques. beeswax and recycled tea bags provide transparency, luminosity and  beautiful patinas. collage additions of my prints contribute texture and line. the use of stencils creates rhythm and pattern.
these things are what make the work. and it is always best when i am having fun.  i go in the studio, put on some music and try to keep my mind quiet so that i can allow my eyes and hands to put it all together.




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